April 14, 2008
By Abby Tullock, St. Louis, MO

Sun tans and sun glasses, flip flops
and shorts
Swimming and diving and other water sports
Summer is hot and the sun beats down
The summer makes me want to drive around town
I love the warm air and the bright sun in the morning
I don't like when we get a heat wave warning
Sleeping in and staying out late
Doing what I want and not having to wait
Summer is freedom and independence and fun
I love the summer it feels like heaven
Ice cream and sodas and eating outside
Laying down relazing by the pool side
No homework, no school, just alot of free time
I don't care what you say, summer time is mine
Friends and adventures are what I live for
The summer time is what I adore
Two more months and summer will be here
I can't believe my freedom is so near
I'll just wait patiently for that day to come
When I can lie out and relax under the sun

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