August 20, 2008
She's lying on the pavement
the night runs through her mind

She was out to party,
out to have a good time

She gasps for breath
on the bloody ground

Too weak to scream
wondering when she'll be found

Bloodshot eyes
the smell of alcohol

A tear rolls down her cheek;
you crash when you fall

She lets out a prayer,
her cry to the Lord

If she could be forgiven,
if her life could be restored

She thinks back
on all that she's done

To please her new friends,
it was all for fun

Forgiven that night
her breathing began to cease

After all these years,
she'd finally found peace

Placed in a casket
she was only a child

If only she'd been saved
from a life too wild

To the funeral of this teen
so few came

Not even her new friends
who drank away their shame

Some fell to guilt
fell to the knife

To forget her,
they took their own life

But one friend came,
the best from before

Ages ago
before you had to be hardcore

A single white rose
he laid on the wood

He would have saved her
but neither understood

How desperate she was
how much her eyes had faded

How parties destroyed her life
and only left her jaded

How he could only stand by
and listen to her lies

The pain she hid with her friends
he always saw in her eyes

Worried, he reached out,
but only received anger

After all these years
he never saw the true danger

His tears fall tonight
as he cries to the Lord

Why couldn't He save
the girl he adored?

The Lord spoke to the boy
as he sat and cried

"I saved the girl
the night she died."

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