August 18, 2008
By Jenna D, Rowley, MA

Surely this can’t be
Where everyone loves to go
The sidewalks
So mercilessly strewn with trash
Cups, bags, and newspapers
Blow in the wind
From those little yellow carriages
Zooming by

I cannot believe
I wanted to come here
Where the people clutter
Like too many fish in a bowl
I wish I were anywhere but here
Home would be great
With my familiar salty air
Not this blend of pollution and exhaust

As we wander the streets
My dad constantly argues
With my mom over her map
Saying we don’t need one;
“He knows where he’s going”
But we all know that,
Without it,
We’d be in Mexico by now.

In the distance,
Lady Liberty stands alone
Holding her torch with her head held high
I don’t see any point in coming to see her;
She looks the same as she does in the pictures
I’ve only been here an hour
And already I can’t wait to leave
The air is so thick, I don’t think I can breath

This city has no point
Boston is much closer
And I dread it just as much
I can go to the same shops
And pay much less
While traveling one hundredth as far
I hope this isn’t heaven
If it is, I’ll make sure to be bad

You can be sure
That I won’t be coming again
So farewell Lady Liberty,
Good luck and Goodbye

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