Millions of Snowflakes

August 16, 2008
By Alison Neshek, Hartland, WI

They are the ones who amuse me. I am the one who enjoys them. Millions of snowflakes, they are there to bring joy to people. I am the only one who stands outside in the pitch dark, watching as they float smoothly down. They are the only ones who stay with me. Millions of snowflakes, one alone being lost in the crowd like me. They fly gently down from the heavens, covering the land with their downy powder. Millions of snowflakes who change peoples' plans and lives within the moment that they fall.

They fly to the left, right and down claiming all of the available gaps in the sky and on the dirt. If the wind comes along to play, the peacefulness of it all has vanished, like those who had promised to stay with me. In its place is now a ferocious monster, trying to destroy and disrupt lives, like the people I once knew changed.

The wind was gone tonight, unlike many nights before and the peacefulness and millions of snowflakes swirled around me, as if promising their loyalty. Millions of snowflakes cover my still form on the ground, while millions of snowflakes still pranced on this joyful night.

Let one forget her own being, the millions of snowflakes would disappear, just as she would. Stay, stay, stay, they pray to me as I watch their dance. When I am alone, and about to leave this place, they come to me. They pray and change for the better. Millions of snowflakes who represent change. Millions of snowflakes, praying for me to stay.

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