The Life of Half Moon Bay

August 16, 2008
By Jennifer Thompson, Citrus Heights, CA

While I live upon the land
where my mind says to go
my heart lives elsewhere
with my friend, Half Moon Bay.

I find her quite mischievous
the way she sends foamy waves up my nose;
the way she catches a wave on my head;
the way she pulls me in with the tide.

She laughs her deep gurgling laugh
then sees my skin scratched by sand.
Crestfallen, Half Moon Bay recedes.
No waves crash upon the shore.

I look around then smile at the clear ocean view.
Suddenly, an explosion of life catches me unprepared.

Tiny fish dart from a sea lion’s grip.
Birds dive into the water screeching.
While seaweed winds around my leg looking like a curious dragon.

Close your eyes- Breathe in the tangy air; listen to the waves;
taste the salty water; feel the wet sand run through you fingers;
open your eyes; see the life of Half Moon Bay.

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