A spot

August 16, 2008
I took him to a spot, where we sat down,
Watching the leaves fade form green to brown.
I looked at him, and just like a fool,
he muttered, "I guess it's kind of cool".
I took him to a spot, almost too cold to talk,
I asked if we could go and take a walk.
Just like I figured, I'd be told,
He muttered "no", that it was too cold.
I took him to a spot, where we laid on the ground,
Watching the flowers start to bloom all around.
I took in the moment, he fell asleep,
quietly and frustrated, I began to weep.
I took him to a spot, where the air was warm,
watching the bees begin to swarm.
I asked what was wrong, he said "I'm done",
Apparently I didn't know the meaning of 'fun',
I took you to a spot, where we leaned against a tree,
watching the world, drinking tea.
Nothing was said, it didn't need to be,
all that mattered was you and me.

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