August 16, 2008
By Neelam Shah, London, NH

What powers does desire possess,
to make everyone want more and nothing less.

Desire is uncontrollable and undeafeatable.
It is within every devilish and innocent soul,
consuming the minds for them to go after their goal.
Desire feels like the burning rage of fire waiting,
to spread its greedy flames on each delicate heart.
Desire is the hypnotic key to open a closed door,
and block everyone’s thoughts and leave their chores

Desire is just as demanding as a food craving,
it’s rumbling in everyone’s thoughts silently like it is praying.
Desire waits for the right moment to escape from dreams,
just when each and everyone has found what
They really want then they can all be supreme.

Desire can be a blessing or a curse,
It can make some people go mental,
Or make others feel sentimental.

What powers does desire possess
To make everyone want more and nothing less.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem was the
emotions that everyone can get from Desire
and that everyone has it in them on some

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