I'll Be Home, Son

August 17, 2008
Son, I’ll be home soon
I’ll follow the stars
That glisten in the night time sky
I’ll listen for your sweet voice
That’s calling my name
I’ll be there for you

Son, I’m traveling towards you
I’ll be boarding my plane soon
All the while, I say your name
‘Cause it can outshine the stars
The same way your voice
Can paint a picture in the sky

Son, I’m crossing the sky
Where you can hear the angles’ voices,
But I still can’t wait to see you
I’ll be landing soon
Under shining stars
That remind me of your name

Son, I think of your name
As I stare at the night sky
I can see the same stars
As the ones that sparkle for you
I’ll be leaving the airport soon
So I won’t hear unfamiliar voices

Son, I hear the wind’s gentle voice,
And it’s whispering your name,
Telling me I’ll see you soon
When the sun is in the sky
I think solely of you
Who shines brighter than the stars

Son, The sun has risen, covering up the stars
I can almost hear your cheerful voice
I am less than an hour away from you
I can hear you calling my name,
And looking to the sky
Hoping I’ll be home soon

Son, I knew from the stars’ jovial faces that I would be home soon
I listen to your voice under a bright summer sky
I will never again leave you with just the comfort of my name

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