August 17, 2008
By Jen Adcock, North Tonawanda, NY

The man of the sun
And the lady moon
Will bring forth everyone
And everything soon.

Their children the stars
Call out with their light
For the planets so far
In their orbital flight.

When the sun and the moon
And the heavens collide
There will be nothing alone
And nothing untried.

Your eyes will be pounded
By the glorious sights.
Your senses astounded
By explosions and lights.

All that is and will be will
Rupture into the world.
Everything that we know
Will be coming unfurled.

The celestial will move
Swift and shrouded in life
And the universe will prove
To be nothing but strife.

The quantum chaotic
Will encase the souls
Like mercury, quick
Without thought, care, or goals.

The fiery heat-death
Will bring out all the things
That have ever pulled breath,
And now have an ending.

These new revelations
Will come to us all
Without hesitations,
But with the answers we call.

There will be everything,
And then nothing at all.
That's the universe falling,
Fate coming to call.

So retain all your senses
When life starts to flee.
Remove all your fences,
Your barriers, to be.

In that one last second
You'll be truly alive.
Let your instinct beckon
Without wondering why.

The lord of the sun
And his divine godly might
Will declare that he's won
Without rebellion or fight.

The lady of the moon
And her inconstant light
Will be here too soon
To brighten the night.

Their children, the stars
Will take hold of our souls
To preserve them forever
And keep them burning like coals.

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