My Poems

August 14, 2008
By Alexis Lamoni, Miami, FL

blank words enter my mind
no sound
no voice
the chirp of the birds is heard throughout
the rustle of the leaves
wind blowing through the trees
smell of the burning wax
as the candlelights fire
describing my setting
i am to you now
was sitting but now standing
as the grass hovers my feet
i look up at a masterpiece that was made naturally
i touch its rough skin urging to climb it
but one can expect so much from one who is equaly weak
was standing but now sitting
i feel pretty complete
its quite strange how these words came out so naturally
described my setting
im quite done with it now
all i have left unmentioned
is the skys three shades
as th sun goes down

i cant deal with the preasure
just take it all away
its getting worse not better
its hard enough to say

that im falling through a pit
of lying and despair
what bothers me the most
is that you dont realy care

im always being picked
picked of all my flaws
you want me to be perfect
but really whats the cause?

you make it seem
like youre ashamed to be seen with me
im youre own daughter
i thought you loved me
i know you do
but you act like you hate me more
it frustrates me were always fighting
youre gonna shut our door

our door of love
our door of life
you should have my back
when im fighting through strife

but i guess your so hardheaded
i guess youll never see
that we should get along
itll never be


the sound of the saxaphone
mixed with the sound of the clarinet
it sooths my sense of hearing
you just have to let

let the music take over
let your mind free
and all of your stress will be gone naturally

the sound of the cymbols
as they play with the drums
next comes the keyboard
then it all sums

sums up to the mix
the mix of pizazz
a sound so unique
this is jazz

when my bones start to break
and my heart begins to ache
theres always that earthquake of light
everything crumbles at first
and then it gets to disperse
the rays of brightness
youve brought to my life and
now the ground stops shaking
with our friendship remaining
you keep me solid when im about to dissolve
you pull me together when im falling apart
youre my best friend
the earthquake that i speak of
and i dont mean to get you teary eyed but
youll always be in my heart
and never be forgotten
you dont understand how much i mean what im talking
thanks for the years weve spent together
and even though ive made some rough spots
its mostly smooth sailin
thanks for the advice
through my drama squares and all
and if you ever need me
you know to always call

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