April 3, 2008
By Daniella Monticciolo, Holmdel, NJ

Divided; more than one.

They say these are the best years of our life,
Can that be right?
As of now my head is spinning uncontrollably,
Close your eyes and count to three; here we go this is me.

Divided; more than one.

I want to live by my own standards each and every day.
Don’t want to please no body else, at least that’s what I say.

I’ll sit there and laugh even if I think something isn’t funny; smiling is free.
After hearing some ones opinion, I am quick to agree.

Divided; more than one.

Why should I care what other think and say?
I can do things my own way.
Currently I’m blind folded, hopefully one day I’ll be able to see,
But as of now, ill strap on this mask of someone that isn’t me.
I can’t divide myself every single day.
There has to be just one of me that will be here to stay.

Divided; more than one.

And as I sit alone in here, I feel my heart at ease.
I can sit and be myself; theirs know one here to please.
I never want to change that girl that I've grown to be.
There is no ups or downs, to just being the real me.

Divided; more than one.

They say “those who matter, don’t mind, and those who matter, don’t mind”
But if that’s true, why can’t I be content with being me all the time?

Collided; only one.

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