Her Tattoo Tells a Story

March 14, 2008
Her tattoo tells a story
even if right now it closely resembles
a molding mole with a thick black hair
to her its one ball in the body and one leg of
an ant
it just isn't finished yet
she let a friend poke it in with a needle
but then she panicked
since she doesn't believe in Heaven
this life as close as she gets to Eternity
and God only knows what she'll think of it in 50 years
she only wants one tattoo
and for it to say it all
even though she only gave it an hour of though
shes still sure an ant can "do the job"
to her it says:
life is small
life is short
to her these words sing simple songs
of liberating oneself
from the mundane day to day
of seeing colors more brightly
of not giving a damn about "the rules"
of living life for yourself
and sucking the marrow out of it
while you've still go it in your grasp
in any case
she thinks it will be a humorous reminder
of her youthful naivety
should she end up in a dead-end, cubicle or day job
like a little worker ant

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