Puzzlings and Fuzzlings

March 10, 2008
By Jake Smith, Victoria, MN

The boy walked this wide road,
The billion gumdrops seemed to make
And the snow on either side,
Was really icing from a cake
Over a flowing river of chocolate,
Was a bridge of candy-cane
The boy walked almost in circles,
And wondered from where they came
There were hills that swirled,
And mountains that twirled,
And a sun that lit up,
This candy-coated world
As he crossed the bridge,
He met quite a surprise
For there hopped a Fuzzling
With big bubbly eyes
What’s a Fuzzling you say?
O what could this be?
It’s a fuzzy round hoppy creature,
They’re the cutest things you’ll ever see
They come in yellow and red,
And green and blue,
They give the fuzziest hugs ever,
And make squeaking sounds too.
The Fuzzling nudged the boy,
And squeaked with a plea
So the boy bent down,
And hugged it happily
Then came a squeak,
From a Fuzzling colored blue,
Who peeked around the bridge,
And wanted a hug too!
Soon more Fuzzlings came,
To make the count fifty,
Then a dozen more,
To make two and sixty
They all wanted hugs,
From this now giggly little boy
He laughed with a swelling heart,
Full of infinite joy
Then fast as a glardon,
Quick as a plarway,
The Fuzzlings all turned,
And hopped hopped away
“Don’t go!”
The boy shouted with sorrow,
Then one fuzzling turned,
And motioned to follow
The boy sprinted with energy,
As fast as he could
But they got farther away,
His efforts were no good.
Just when it seemed hopeless,
And his eyes started to swell,
The tongue of a Larkoon scooped him up
And in its mouth he fell
The Larkoon’s tongue was long,
Seven feet at that
And while in its mouth,
This is where the boy sat
The Larkoon was tall,
Taller than you or me,
With a plump little belly,
And a neck like a tree.
The boy peeked out of its mouth,
With a smile curled on his face
The world rushed by,
Because of the Larkoon’s fast pace
The Fuzzlings were soon there,
Hopping at their side,
Until they approached a cave,
And went slowly inside
With the Fuzzlings on their heel,
They winded on through,
Until they saw a light,
From the sky of blue
They stepped out of the tunnel,
And onto a rock,
That stuck out from the cliff,
Like a rickety dock.
At the edge of this rock,
Was what confused the boy lots,
There sat a yellow sofa,
With blue polka dots
The boy sat on the couch,
His mind taking a stumble,
When the world beneath him,
Began to rumble
Then from the depths of the lake,
From holes in the ground,
From caves in the mountains,
Came a loud squeaking sound
Stampeding below him
Came Fuzzlings and Larkoons,
As well as Roogenglinders and Pot-bellied Swoons
Among those were three thousand green-tailed Swines
And among those were five hundred Glarbentines
From the sky swooped thousands of tiny Clistenclons,
Who were later joined by fifty-foot Bonkupokerdons,
There were Click-Clacks and Knick-Knacks and blue Quardogoos,
As well as black-eyed Tillchomps wearing running shoes
The Mardenglobs ran with the Questinglarks,
And the Mozels flew with the Plarbins,
Who carried along the Boybendocks,
Who carried along Flardins
There were swooping Abnobards,
And whooping Flibdoglades,
There were many a Carloclod,
And plenty Plambarades
They all jumped in excitement,
Below the boy on his throne
There came many happy squeaks,
And loud and low groans
As the fireworks blew,
And the streamers fly,
As the confetti fell,
Colored hot-air balloons littered the sky
As they yelled from the baskets,
And shouted with joy,
Five balloons stretched a banner,
That said, “Welcome human boy!”
The biggest smile,
Filled on the boys face
But in the blink of an eye,
It all fell out of place.
The boy snapped open his eyes,
And sat up in his bed,
He looked at the dull ceiling of white,
And the bland walls of red
The boy couldn’t help but cry,
As he sat with the puzzlings,
Of why he must be in a world,
Of greed and war but no fuzzlings
He wiped his big puffy eyes,
And out his window in the day,
Was a hot-air balloon
Floating slowly, slowly away.

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