A Girl Sits on the Bathroom Floor

March 9, 2008
By Danielle Elliott, Basehor, KS

A girl sits on the bathroom floor,
Gazing at her scar-lined arms.
She lifts up the blade to make
Another red line on her ivory skin
Saying, “Why does life hurt so much?”

Then a voice whispers through her broken thoughts,
“Child, why are you scaring the body I gave you?
Put down the razor and look at me.
Don’t you know that I am He who tests you,
But only what you can stand?”

She throws down the razor
And looks up to the sky
Crying out, “Thank you!
Oh, thank you Lord, for saving me
From heartache and pain.”

A girl sits on a rooftop,
Looking at the ground below.
Swinging her feet she gazes up at the stars
Thinking, “What would happen if I fell?
Would anyone really miss me?”

Then a voice calls out through the night,
“Child, why are you thinking such strange thoughts?
You know that they would miss you terribly.
And, what about Me? How would I feel?
When I knew I would never see you again?”

She looks up at the starlit sky
Thinking, “Thank you Lord,
I’ll take your advice.”
But, still she wonders,
“What would happen if I died?”

A boy lies in the bathtub,
Blood running down his porcelain wrist.
He watches the life running down the drain
Thinking, “Man, what a way to go.
If they only listened.”

Then a voice cries out through his clouded thoughts,
“Child, what are you doing to your life?
It’s My gift you’re throwing away,
And it’s Mine to give and take.
Now, stand up and fix yourself.”

He stands up from the tub
And wraps his bleeding wrist.
He calls 911 and says he needs help.
But, on the inside he’s saying,
“Why did you have to save me?”

A boy sits in his attic,
Looking at the chair and noose.
He stands and places the rope on his neck
Thinking, “Why did you have to leave me?
This is all your fault.”

Then a voice says in his ear,
“Child, what are you thinking?
She wasn’t for you, she’s someone else’s.
I’ve created for you the perfect girl,
If you step down you’ll meet her.”

The boy hesitates and looks around,
Wondering who was speaking to him.
The door swings open and his parents step in,
They take him down from his noose.
He’s thinking, “Who are you?”

A boy stands on a roof with a gun in his hand,
Looking down at the crowd below him.
He shakes the gun in their direction
Saying, “Look what you’ve done.
If you only accepted my differences.”

Then a voice calls to his deaf ears,
“Child, can’t you hear me?
I’m right here for you, can’t you see?
I created your differences,
they’re special just for you.”

The boy places the gun to his head
Saying, “God, where are you?”
He pulls the trigger and everything goes black,
He falls to the ground.
Only to be caught by the Dark One.

He smiles as he holds the boy to his chest,
He mockingly laughs at God.
“Look what I have, it’s one of yours.
He’s mine forever, you’ve lost I’ve won.
What do you have to say?”

God turns to His lowly foe,
His eyes shinning with tears.
“You may have won this one, but there are others
That have the light in them.
They’ll shine brightly in this world.”

He turns to the crowd and opens his arms
Saying, “I am yours, come to me.
I’m always here for you.
Just remember that I’ll never test you
Beyond what you can do.”

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