Take it

August 14, 2008
As funny as it sounds, i guess i just want you to do it.
Take my heart, and rip it please?
Take my heart, and make it bleed?
Take my heart, and just, make it react.
You say your looks can kill, then let me die, it would be a nice change for someone who isn't used to getting caught glancing.
If your going to stop my heart, then by god, prove it. It'd be nice to have someone make it feel something.
If a slap is all you have, and that slap gets my attention, then smack away,
because its better then the softest touch that doesn't touch beyond the skin.
Maybe i want someone below my surface.
Of course, i don't know why i am telling you, its hard to swim deep enough to touch,
When your drowning in yourself.
I guess, you chose a well touched flame to get burned on,
I guess, you picked a knife that you had been stabbed with before,
So, go out, drown yourself in your own vice filled waters,
pick up scars no one will ever be able to see,
and when your burnt and bleeding.
Call me,
god knows i am pathetic enough to be the type who will jump at the chance to mend you up.
So you can get down, and drown in your amber colored waters again.

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