Old Uncle Bruce Lived On Calliber LN

August 12, 2008
By Kayla Welch, Oxford, NY

I used to think it was that place
Calliber LN.
Which casued all the pain
Come to find out
That wasn't in truce
For it wasn't the place
It was old uncle Bruce
I'd try to sleep
To pass my visit away
Bruce kept talking
Wanting me to stay
Sitting there lonely
That dreary day
The day old uncle Bruce
Passed away
His heart was broken
As well as his soul
That Calliber LN
Sure payed the tole
They blackened its windows
They burned its doors
They sold its furniture
To old furniture stores
The house had done nothing
But lay old uncle Bruce to rest
But to me, I had lived there
And old uncle Bruce dead, was for the best

The author's comments:
This piece is something I randomly thought of. It stands for a young boy who lived with his uncle for a short while. The house he lived in was kinda strange and his uncle died in it. He blames the house but then sees that it's better his uncle dies and the house is torn apart. I came up with this asa way to vent how I feel right now.

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