August 12, 2008
By aricka gannon, Walker, MI

two teenagers wishing just to be free
holding to each other in their time of need
kissing and touching his hand up her shirt
trying and smiling just to fill that hurt

the blade crashes up her forearm and through her vein
hoping that the blood will somehow stop her pain
but the blood pours down and is unable to feed
the hungry, struggle, panic feeling; that is need

time speeds up, but it doesn't even matter
to the heroine addict falling off the ladder
to stumble and fall never landing on his feet
and hoping that the drug will somehow slow that need

it's a slow, stop, standstill
fighting to prevent kill
stealing to diminish greed
a power force; it is need

a struggle to feel what is right
an occurence fought both day and night
a weed in which you planted the seed
of the driving force described as need

but this need can be filled by a God that is great
with His love, this world, He did create
and this struggle and hunger and emptiness and pain
is drowned by the love He pours like rain

it's an everlasting love, and He keeps giving more
mending the hearts of which were torn
and the hunger that you have for God above
it's a hunger that's not empty, but filled with love.

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