I Hide

October 10, 2007
I'm afraid to be myself,
and to not be myself,
of who I am,
of who I'm not,
afraid of my strengths,
as well as my weaknesses.

I'm afraid of my imperfections,
feeling as if they have a spotlight,
and the whole world is looking,
hating me,
for something that I can't help.

I cause myself physical pain,
because I prefer it to emotional pain,
and this kind,
I actually have control over.

Life is so random,
and new sadness,
and depression,
happens to be all around us.

How do you know who to trust,
who not to trust,
where to be,
and where not to be?

Fear is the enemy,
in a world where nothing can be taken for granted,
and things change rapidly,
at the blink of an eye.

Who is a friend,
who is a foe?
Who's honest,
who's deceitful?
Who will bring you happiness,
and who will bring you heart ache?

Unfortunately there is no guide book for life,
experiences is how you learn,
due to fear I hide,
hide from the world,
hide from the pain,
and I've learn to hide...
behind my scars.

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