Measures of Pain

February 28, 2008
And so on I lay my heart down.
I wish to fade away,
I'm my own person, so why do you try
comply to my needs I dare say.
My days are growing short
and my ties are growing weary,
the ground is my limit,
and my inner hell a sanctuary.

I've done enough, known enough,
and yet no color exists,
but the black tide I base my body,
life is no requisite.
Cuts of physical pain
to watch the blood pour red
Is nothing compared to the pain in my head
To where I wish I was dead.

You don't know what I'm of,
you can't see my being.
From who are you to tell me so?
That my life has a simple meaning?
God has no one task
for all his children to bear,
so why am I alive,
when I know that no one cares.

“ Can't you see me?” I want to yell
when heaven starts to cry.
“ Can't you see the pain I suffer,
and I why I wish to die?”
I always wait in the pouring rain
no answer ever descends.
The thunder from the storm grows louder,
and I'm left with a path of no end

I'm left out in high waters,
and no device to save my life,
should I sink or should I float
is my future a wast of time?
Slowly I stop treading
and I let my self sink down.
My lungs start to contract.
Finally, I'm able to drown

I whisper words of passing
as the air around me grows hot
The beauty of my garden,
peace of my mind begins to rot
I fell my mind take turns,
I'm truly going insane
thats the price I must pay
for throwing my life away.

I said goodbye to myself
I said goodbye to my friends
I say hello to a new beginning
but I only embraced death.
Nothing is worth my insanity
a life isn't eternal pain
torture in not what you live
embrace life, begin a new day

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