The One Morning That Changed Everything

February 7, 2008
By Maura Callahan, Shoreline, WA

The one morning that changed everything
You fall asleep as one person, and wake up another
And when you awake
Every mistake

Comes flooding back so fast
You feel like falling over, you can’t breath
What you did, the evidence is everywhere
You sit on the edge of the bed, feeling the weight of your world coming back on

Frustration, angry, pain, confusion, sadness, loss
And as you sit there, on the edge of your world
A small ray of light starts to shine through
But suddenly, someone sees you, sitting on the edge of your world

And they start to get mad, because that’s not where they want you to be
So you run, scream, and lie to avoid all the pain
Because you know that anything is better
Than admitting the truth

At school, no one knows your secret, its well hidden
Then, one day, you forget your problem, and a friend sees
Soon you are running from everyone
Afterwards, someone who wasn’t very close to you

Ends up saving you, those few words they say, are stamped across your life
You grow, and they are still there, as a rock, keeping you grounded
They are honest, because they care about you
And those few people who save you

Will always have a place in your heart
They are
Your Angels

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