A Say Something Statistic

February 6, 2008
By Caitlin Bryant, Charlevoix, MI

The silence of the room is overwhelming
The reply shouldn’t be hesitant
“Say something” I plead
My eyes searching for your answer
A smile peaks on lips…
And you laugh, you just laugh
I don’t understand this
What’s happening?
The spinning room is laughing
“Please! Please! Stop! Stop!”
No wonder no one can say it
No wonder everyone’s afraid of love
If this is the result

On this day, February 13
How ironic, don’t you think?
You walk away from me
Already forgetting the day I’ll never forget
I’ll make you remember
They’ll blame you
Everyone saw what you did
Well actually, what you didn’t do
When they see my name in the paper
They’ll know who to blame
They’ll know it was you who
Might as well have been
Holding the knife to my chest

Will you remember me now?
Will you love me now?
Too late for love, too soon for death
You’ll sing about the silly girl who
Killed herself for your love
I would have been anything for you
I would have loved you
I became a statistic for you
How many girls have been
In the same position as I was?
We all became statistics
All started with words never said

I wish I hadn’t wasted this on you
You didn’t deserve the attention
“Say something” you say when you find me here
Funny, I remember saying the same words to you
We both were left with silence
And in this case, the silence meant everything
The silence changed everything
It changed you and you left again, this time to be with me
And now the town knows us as
The Say Something Statistic

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