Are There Answers?

January 25, 2008
Can you have too many Best Friends?
BFF's, buddies, sisters?
The ones you call for help,
And who never say good-bye 'cause they know you'll see them soon.
They are like extra limbs extending from your sides as you walk down the hall to choir.
But is there room for another extension?

Can you have too much reassurance?
Confidence, promise, safety?
Someone to lean on,
Who you're not afraid to fall down in front of then get up and try again.
Who make you feel as though you have a place in this world.
And you know it's your place, and that no one else in the universe could fill in for you.
Could you use more reassurance?

Can your heart be too full?
Packed, crammed, overflowing?
So full mine is I thought I couldn't possibly
make room for another.

So I told you off in a
Harsh and Hateful way.
But still, you keep trying and trying
To tell me......... what?

That my heart can never be too full?
That I could have as many limbs as I would like?
That I could always use more reassurance?

Ha! I think not! We don't get along, there's too much drama, and a pity party you are.
I laugh
You cry
You hate




But sorry won't cut it
and you'll never comeback.
Is it best for the both of us?
Could you possibly shed more tears?
Could I ever learn to like you?

I guess we'll



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