Is that really love?

December 8, 2012
they walk down the street
hand in hand, clearly in love
they stop and embrace, share a quick kiss
pull each other close and give a playful shove

this is one of the happy moments
in a love that is more sour then sweet
from the outside it looks perfect
but their love has a leak

you could say he loves TOO much
you could say he controls
the simple truth is he is a theif
he stole away her soul

he took away her right
tells her what to wear
don't she dare talk back
doesn't allow her to swear

he snatched away her freedom
tracks her every move
she can't have any friends
don't she dare think of booze

this was all fine and dandy
untill he took the palm of his hand
heard the crack of cheek meeting palm
then he left her in the sand

still she thought she was in love
with a boy who didn't know the meaning
but is this really love?
you know hwat way i'm leaning

i see this too much
this sad lvoe story
hopefully love can be restored
returned to its glory

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