Grace in the Tight Shoes

December 8, 2012
By JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
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She wears tight shoes that bluff and bind;

They cut her corns but calm her mind.

This ache she bears for desired frills;

With worn and callused feet she trills

And treads with triumphant humankind.

Why should her gait drop behind

By showing them her shoes unshined?

No, let them only see high heels.

She wears tight shoes.

She strides, but her feet feel entwined

By enervated roots that blind.

She struts but slips on many hills

Along her path, yet trods on still.

Oh, let her peers not be confined-

She wears tight shoes!

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