Merlin's Alphabet

December 4, 2012
A is for Arthur, first the prince then the king over all,
B is for bucket, which he poured on Merlin’s with gall.
C is for Camelot, a land that is far far away,
D is for dragon, only to Merlin he must obey.
E is for Emrys, Merlin’s name he takes with some strife,
F is for Fraya, a cursed girl and the love of his life.
G is for Gaius, the kingdom’s healer and Merlin’s friend,
H is for healing when Camelot is at its sad end.
I is for ignorance, in which Arthur has very much,
J is for job in which Arthur makes Merlin do a bunch.
K is for Knights who are brave and strong and love to cuss,
L is for Lancelot, who sacrificed himself for us
M is for Merlin, who’s the main character in our tale,
N is for no magic which Merlin’s efforts still do fail.
O is for old which Merlin is when he becomes Dragoon,
P is for Pendragon, their colors are gold and maroon.
Q is for Queen Gwen who was a commoner before then,
R is for ruthless when Uther sees the magic of men.
S is for sorceress Morgana for the throne she is bound,
T is for the tavern where Merlin is often found.
U is for Uther a tyrant King and Arthur’s father,
V is for vials which are used to poison another.
W is for wizards who have stayed in hiding all these years,
X is for Excalibur the sword that everyone fears.
Y is for why would they cancel this awesome TV show?
Z is for zeal for the last season of Merlin, although.

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