lock on my heart

December 5, 2012
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if there was ever a time more to tell you i loved you...its now....everytime i woke the first and only thing i wanted was to hear your voice. everytime i went to sleep i thought of you. we were ment to be cant you see? you were always beside me... but now i find myself saying "once is enough but to leave and try to come back?" if there was ever a time more to tell you i love you...its now...but for the sake of my heart i will keep it bottled up inside and hide it from you, for i will let you hurt me no more,. you broke my heart yet some how i found in the bottom of my soul not to brake yours. i could of. every secret you ever told me, everything we did, that secret life of yours you hid from your friends. i could have told it all:ruined you. but somehow i found it in the very bottom of my heart {at lest what was left of it} not to because luckly for you im not like that.

sometimes i find myself still wanting to love you. then it all comes back again...

....i wont let you brake my heart again

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