A Beautiful Creature

November 14, 2007
By Andrea Wesche, New Haven, MO

Stars shining bright,
Diamonds in the sky,
One dark, dreamy night.
A painted beauty in my eye.

Slowly my eyes,
Droopy and dreary,
Open from bright lights,
And I sit worried and weary.

Stars falling like rain,
Drifting ever so near,
O’er the lovely country plain,
Astonishing noises sounding loudly in my ear.

Soft, but noticeable, a little bell,
Dinging and ringing,
Openly watching as stars slowly fell,
A little elf is quietly singing.

She has the voice of a child,
Darling and dreamy.
Opening my ears, my mind going wild,
A sight my eye catches, bright and gleaming.

Sure enough, it was her wings,
Drawing me nearer,
Over her now, she no longer sings,
A beautiful creature I now see clearer.

She looks at me,
Dreamy blue eyes,
“Only you can see,
And I tell no lies.”

Slowly I kneel,
Down by her side,
On a rock a seat I steal.
A magical being which does not hide.

She again sings,
Dreamy and soft,
Orange pixies dance with their beautiful wings,
Afloat in a grassy loft.

Sleep calls to me now,
Drowsily entranced by the magical scene,
Only slits open as I slip into unconsciousness wond'ring why and how,
A beautiful creature, a beautiful thing.

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