You And I

November 7, 2007
By Whitnie Dunston, Huntsville, AL

You and I are connected
In a way that goes beyond romance
beyond friendship, beyong what we've ever had before
it has defied time, distance, and changed
in ourselves and in our lives
it has defied every explanation

i can't explain, i just feel it
it's there in the way m spirits life
whenever we talk

the sound of your voice brings me home
in a way i cant explain
its in the delight i feel, when we laugh
at exactly the same things

when im with you
its like a tingy piece of universe shifts into place
a place its supposed to be
and all its right with the world

these things and so many more
have made me understand
that this is a once in a lifetime forever connection

a connection that could only exist
between you and me
and deep in my soul
i know that our relationship is a rare gift
one that bring us extraordinary happiness
all through our lives

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