Lie or just a fantasy

November 26, 2012
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In a world of peace I dream,
I dream there is no pain,
I dream a world of positive letting negative pass,
As if to never be there.

A world without war or hate,
One that can stand sane on its own feet,
A place were life can bloom,
Were no tears are shed upon a single cheek.

Insane you might think,
In mind it is a wondrous place,
Were everyone is free,
Free to do as they please.

Pleasure will such be over used,
It might even be abused,
Carelessness will fill the air,
Leading use down again.

Yes this idea is insane,
But before you choose,
Think of everything you take for granted,
That is your freedom and pleasure.

One day over used,
One day disappears,
Then you will think,
That i was sane after all.

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