The First Date

October 16, 2007
By Rachel Mukamal, HOLLYWOOD, FL

Dressed in a black suit and blue tie,
To match with my blue, strappy dress.
My date was sitting, waiting on the sofa,
He was in my house for the first time.
His arm was wresting on the nearby table.
Looking from the stairs above I saw
Fear, and much anxiousness fill his hazel eyes.
I was ready now, as anxious as can possibly be.
Our eyes met for the first time that night.
The butterflies in my stomach took away from the excitement.
It was okay though because I new we would have an amazing time.
As I walked down the stairs, feeling fresh and beautiful,
With my new makeup on, I smiled.
Ready for the ongoing click of the camera,
I situated the corsage for the perfect snapshot.
My mom tearing in the background,
My dad was in high spirits to see his little girl go to homecoming,
With her dream date.
I felt like I had a smile pasted to my face,
One flash after the other, I also felt blinded.
I was too distorted by the flash to see everything- everything but, my date.
Finally we were off, on our first date together.
We were off to homecoming in the black, sleek Cadillac.
Not many words between us, just red cheeks and smiles.
But, it escalated from there.
One word at a time.
Was it because on that homecoming night we were too nervous?
Too nervous about what the night was going to bring?
We will never know
My date and I, kept getting to know each other,
One word at a time.
Today, we are happily dating, and all dreams…Fulfilled!

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