Let me be your Angel

August 9, 2008
By Lexus Armstrong, Silver Creek, MS

2 very different ppl - livin da same lyfe
a boi and a gurl - learned hardship in da nite
starcrossed lovers lyke Juliet and Romeo
promised to love each otha and neva let go
she loved him more - he loved her the most;
he promised to love her even while a ghost
Then it all began to slip away - day after day
she didnt wanna let him go - but he had found another lyfe and couldn’t stay
She wrote him a letta; and concealed a smooth white feather,
It said:
’Let me be your angel! Plz let me be the one for you! A promise is a promise, plz dont break mah heart in two! I wanna live the rest of mah lyfe with you! For betta or worst is what I meant, the majority of mah lyfe was with you that I spent. True love is hard to find - But I wanna be the one you keep in mind! I wanna be your angel, only if you let me; lookin for happiness? Love is the key. I love you more than you love yourself, I love you more than anyone else. I wont be the same with you so far away, that’s why I ask to be your angel; then maybe, just maybe you’ll stay. There’s no greater love than that from above, angels are there, and they give that same love. LET ME BE YOUR ANGEL! I WANNA BE YOUR ANGEL! I am the one for you! Baby plz don’t go - this is true love that I show.

We’ve seen it all and done it all; Without you, mah lyfe will fall!
This is comin from the heart...The place where it all starts....

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