August 8, 2008
By Charon Solomon, Newark, NJ


My heart is captured by my thoughts, locked up inside an ensconed place, the best thing for me to do is hide away.

Closure is what I need to be understood, I don't even understand myself anymore, all these thoughts that makes me feel misery I'll just try to ignore.

Lingering on to the pain form the past, quietness that surrounds my head and my heart. I have to make a diversion to distract my thoughts.

Confined to a place in my head that I don't understand, I bid sweet farewell to my heart that I no longer own. 

This unknown feeling makes me exhausted, I'm revealing secrets that I know I shouldn't. A sharp pain penetrates through my weakened heart.

Then the occurence of a new strength I never knew I had makes me very persistent.

Hysterically crying from all the pain this unknown feeling and this new strength has caused, battling it out to take control.

Abruptly breaking down from discomfort and tremendous confidence to reconcile the two.

This unknown feeling is very vile, my alter- ego that I never knew I had. I find affection between the two.

I pass through golder corrdors that leads me to a place of comfort and understanding.

Proudly having a feeling of control, but anxious about what will happen next, I'm myself again.

The two has burried the hatchet, burning ember thoughts are now deceased and my appetite for life has certainly increased.

The author's comments:
Well, I'm 18, and currently working on my G.E.D. Although, I am a high school drop out , I believe is the most important value you can have in life. I am a good writer and I love to write. I currently just had a couple of my poem published in a poetry book and I believe that if you can dream it you can do it.

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