Doubting Myself and the Mirrors Around Me

August 8, 2008
Look, what can I say to you? Don't you understand? God, I just can't pray to you, anymore, I've become a broken man, and the plan that can handle, taking kindling and candles, to burn in the night for lack of light despite what's right and the insight gained actually restrained me, I thought they said the truth sets you free, now I laugh at the possibilities that eventually, would come to be, given unto me, and the rest of our mortal men, Heroes that mimick tricking innocents with gimmicks, I'll take it all away from you, those hurts and lies, the fears and cries, the broken ties, cut up bonds, as we grow fond of the nothingness that envelops us, inside the spiral that gushes up, the sickness and vile that shuts us up, what's left of me? What could go wrong? Though I stare in your faithful eyes, Calm, azure mirrors that reflect my lies, I swear I've changed, but my being denies, and I cry to find away, Soon, I am gone

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