In Another Boat

August 8, 2008
I stare up at the sky,
And look at the clouds bursting loud,
It’s going to rain and I’m all alone,
Far away from the crowd,
I’m standing near the shore,
It’s just me and my thoughts.

Watching the rippling ocean waters,
Staring into the fathoms,
A raging force churning through my mind,
Burning my heart and fuelling my soul.

There’s no movement around,
All is at rest,
And no one can ever see,
The haunting thoughts that have robbed my peace.

The passion and the anger,
It builds up like a wave,
In a sea of troubled waters,
And fills me till I want to burst.

The tide finally recedes,
Into a pit of dark sadness,
There’s no escape,
I’m trapped and I’m soon lost.

No one can ever explain,
The pain and loss inside,
No one can ever do anything,
I have to do it all alone.

Nothing shows on my face,
Only in my burning eyes,
Nothing can ever describe my emptiness,
That’s so full it wants come roaring out.

People pass my life by,
And they all look with puzzlement and disgust at me,
At how dull and lifeless I seem to be,
Because my life, I take it differently, not like them,
I sail in another boat.

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