Weird Girl

August 6, 2008
By Cindy Martinez, Dunkirk, NY

It's Monday again
12:00 pm is weird girl hour
at the ring of the lunch bell
she walks
There she stands,
there they stand
She scurries like a squirrel to her locker
Wearing her thick coke bottle glasses
A shirt that has no personality
Plain Jane pants
Long black hair
always slicked back in a braid
She has real potential to be beautiful
She could be president someday
What a weird girl
Hardly speaks a word
Nose always is a book
Afraid of the world
Also a clutz
as she trips over her own feet
They don't waste a minute
The "populars" that is
This is a golden opportunity for them
Laugh and point
Yell obsenities
"Ugly, Geek, Moron, Loser, Nerd,Dork!"
She runs
She cries
She hides
They laugh
They point
They smile
Their job is complete today
Does anyone even know her name?
I sigh
I watch her drag herself away,
Until tomorrow
It's Tuesday
Weird Girl hour
The ritual begins
Today is spit ball day
At her locker again
Same outter appearance
They are dripping with anticipation
She turns around
Welcomed with an barrage of spit balls
No fighting
She just stands and accepts them
walks away with no tears today
I sigh
She drags herself away
Another dreadful day for her
It's Wednesday
I wince at the sound of the bell
Weird Girl Hour
What is it today?
kick balls?
Like clockwork
At her locker again
This time a book in hand
Here they come
the book is snatched away
I see her knees are shaking
I want to yell out stop
but something won't let me
I watch them tear apart the book
My heart breaks
as each sheet hits the floor
They leave laughing triumphantly
Real heroes
I just watch as she falls to her knees
gathering the remains of her book
I don't watch her leave
this time I leave teary eyed
what a day
It's Thursday
This time I plug my ears
I hear the bell ring
I drag myself to my locker
awaiting todays events
What's this?
they aren't here I don't see them
Maybe today there will be peace
seemingly odd
At her locker again
Too good to be true
They pop out behind a wall
what now?
They sneak up behind her and...
They pull down her pants
How could they!
How humiliating, how dare they!
The roaring laughter too much to bear
I run out mortified
Unfortunately yet another day
Another day of heart wrenching
bell rings
I shudder as I walk the hall
I don't feel like watching today
Instead I turn and leave
Going straight out the front doors
I hear a faint yell in the background
Someone is yelling
"Hey where are you going?! Weird Girl!
Wait a minute!!
The Weird Girl is me!

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