Could have been...

August 6, 2008
By KateLynne Ruppel, Clarksville, TN

I met you and knew you were gonna be trouble.
I put up a flag and told myself never to trust you.
But something about you made me forget about all of it.
I told you everything.
I don't know what it was.
But maybe...
It could have been that look in your eyes.
The spark that intrigued me to jump into the flames.
It could have been that white, shiny smile.
The smile that blinded me and took me down your path to hell.
It could have been your touch.
The touch that melted me so you you could mold me into what I've become.

You told me your way was the only way.
To get what I wanted.
To get what I needed.
You held me hostage in your brutal frame of mind.

*repeat chorus*

I don't know where to go now.
Don't know where to hide.
Everyone that was there for me shut their door in my face.
I don't know how to protect anyone from this monster inside of me.

*repeat chorus*

The author's comments:
Hey! My name is KateLynne. I wrote this piece during a time when I felt helpless. I don't have a melody-but I do know that part of it is supposed to be whispered and part of it is screamo. I have written other lryics and songs, but this one's the best.

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