Under All That Make-Up

August 6, 2008
By Jennifer Calbert, Riverbank, CA

There was a girl who had it all
She was a model , the kind you'd see onthe
posters at the mall

She was theone you'd be voting prom queen
Though she was mean
As she'd walk down the hallways , her posse at herside
She'd always be sure to make you be the one to hide
But what wasunder all that make-up and stuff ?
Her life was too good to be true , she had to have just made-up this stuff ?!?!
One day everything fell apart and shelay crying on her bed
Leaving everyoneto gossip over her head
She was no longer the best
Her reputaion as she knew it was messed
That was the story of the girl who had it all
The one who isn't adored by everyone , after all ....

The author's comments:
Hello , this piece was inspired on the bullies out there that would always pick on me . Hope all of you who also get picked on stay strong !!! Thanks ...

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