Silent =Life

August 5, 2008
By jamie saltzman, Livingston, NJ


I come from a place where teasing is their religion, laughter and pretending is their language, and silent isn't a game it's a way of life. Surviving for another minute is the only thing that matters and life is just one scared day after the next. Crying, yelling, gossip, screaming, flirting, lying, and laughter line the halls as day after hopeless day the tormenting continues. You hear it from every room, every house, every store, every corner, and everyone; we all pray for the day it ends if it ever does. You see the helpless face but do nothing because you’re scared if it isn't them it would be you. You talk only to your closet friends and talk only in the classes none of them are in. You pray people will forget and it will stop but it never will. The lies never stop and the memories never stop coming back to remind you of the stabbing pain and the blurring tears that always brings the comfort of friendship to your side. The instant you think you escaped and are safe you get the numbness in you heart that there will be more the next day and the next day and the next until you forget the stabbing memories the day you die. Which will probably be of suicide.

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