I do not understand

August 5, 2008
By Colleen Carr, Byers, CO

I do not understand
So my advice you’ll never hear
Yet often I have wondered
How can you love someone you fear?
Your eyes betray your weakness
A haunted glance you won’t confide
The words he speaks are eloquent
Yet actions show he’s lied
The way you always flinch away
Expecting untold harm
But still you seem to run to him
His smile full of charm
An embrace that is full of love
Yet full of dread as well
The bruises that you thought you hid
Tell a tale you won’t tell
There’s much I wish to tell you
There’s much I wish to say
He is a monster and a menace
Who must always have his way
You will not come to me
Nor allow me to go to you
It is now I’ve come to understand
There’s nothing left that I can do

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