To the Strongest Person I Know

August 5, 2008
By Danielle Gilbert, Rockville, MD

Whatever comes to fight, you can fight it
Whatever challenges you, you can challenge
You are your biggest enemy, so don’t ever blame
You’re the person inside who can always help yourself
You have people who love and people to love
Even if those people are up above
You will always be you, and nobody else
The only thing you can do is just get some help
From someone who loves you
From your very own brain
It can even be from a person you think is insane
The one thing you can’t do is give up and leave
Because your life is holding such big things
You have the brightest future of anyone I know
You just need to see that and go with the flow
Carry on with the road
That seems just so long
And turn when you feel like it’s your chance to belong
You have support
You have yourself
Just look inside
And you’ll make it, no doubt
So with all this said and done
Just go and find your bullet
And be the gun
Aim for what you want
Good or bad
And pull your heavy trigger
To soar and be glad

The author's comments:
My best friend means a lot to me and when he was going through a hard time I wrote this for him so he could always know that he means a lot and what goes on in his life means a lot to me as well.

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