I Am From...

November 8, 2012
I am from parents,
loving and caring,
feeding and clothing,
always being there for me.

I am from siblings,
having four,
having fun and being loud,
Tigest, Kate, Etef, and Joe.

I am from besties,
Blaine my MO,
notes in our shoes,
MO’S 4 life

I am from friends,
playing and hanging,
having parties with nutella,
freezing cold water balloon fights,
so many memories.

I am from God,
loving and dying for me,
reading the bible,
praying every night.

I am from St. Louis,
loving the Cardinals,
being embarrassed by the Rams,
Freezing winters and burning summers,
living in Misery.

I am from chocolate,
tasting so good,
but making me fat,
hating it, but loving it.

I am from Mary,
long nights under the stars,
volleyball besties,
british animal noises,
being my friend.

I am from Wendy,
being my puppy,
keeping me safe in my room,
getting her as a surprise from my papa.

I am from volleyball,
playing for school and for club,
serving and hitting,
loving it so much.

I am from family trips,
going to Colorado, Disney, and on a Cruise,
feeding chipmunks in Denver,
getting stuck on the cruise ship with Tigest,
Joe getting lost in Disney,
making memories.

I am from relatives,
grandmas and grandpas,
aunts and uncles,
many, many cousins,
seeing them every birthday and holiday,

I am from family,
St. Louis,
Family Trips,
But mostly I am from being Me.

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