You Are God

June 2, 2008
By Jennifer Talesman, Delray Beach, FL

Am I sick, or is it dust
Rising up from my hands
Am I wrong to assume
That it was you who carved them thin

Am I dripping water cold
From the shower that I bore
Or is it tears from the sky
That your eyes let fall only on me

Am I the weight of the whole world?
Did you structure me as a model of the mountains?
Tall enough to see, strong enough to stand
Am I everything you wanted in them?

Was the lion the first creature to exist?
And did he chase the bird until it had to fly?
Did the water come up just to sink him in?
And did the trees grow just to let it land?

Did you base me off the structure of a mountain?
What you wished you could be
Did you make me run for hell like a lion
Cause you were stuck up in your tree?

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