Imaginary Friend

May 30, 2008
By Tesha Edwards, Groton, CT

Hate is what I feel.
I feel it when your around me.
I feel it when I cry.
I feel it when you look at you,
even when I pass by.
Tell me you love me and everythings alright.
Tell me Im preety and shouldnt dwell on a guy.
Put the sent of lime in the air so when I inhale Ill know your there
Color me rainbow so Ill be rare
and when I walk by people will stare.
Create a language for us to share so when we walk by they wont think we're wierd,
Tell me not to cry and Ill be okay
tell me Im dramatic and skys arent gray.
paint me a picture of a giraff and a pony
tell me tall is beautiful and everything else is fony.
Kiss me goodnight tuck me in tight
be my best friend is what im saying
even though your imaginary will be okay
well fight our battles toghether we'll pray.

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