The Interview

October 30, 2012
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“My dear boy, it’s very nice to meet you.”
“No the pleasure is mine.”
“Let’s talk about this girl I’ve heard so much about.”
“Alright, go right ahead.”
“Do you like her?”
“Do you think she’s pretty?”
“Have you hugged her?”
“Do you think she’s nice?”
“So you don’t like her,
You don’t think she’s pretty,
You haven’t hugged her,
And you don’t think she’s nice?”
“Then why are you with her?”
I don’t like her; I love her.
She’s not pretty; she’s beautiful.”
I haven’t hugged her; I’ve embraced her.
And she’s not nice; she’s amazing.”
“Aren’t those all the same things; synonyms?”
“Why not?”
“Because…the way you feel about someone is incomparable.
And last time I checked; love doesn’t have a synonym.”

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