Do you remember when?

August 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Remember when you told me that you loved me,

or the day you said you'd never leave?

The time you said you were always mine.

We sat on the porch all night long.

Remember when you told me we'd get married?

I was all you needed then.

You didn't act like this back then.

Remember when the days went by too slow,

but night flew by so fast?

I remember this, do you?

Whatever happened to us?

Whatever happened to "no matter what"?

Remember when everyone though i was stupid

to be with you?

I really didnt care.

No matter what, I was always there.

Remember when i didnt leave to go back home?

I stayed here for you .

Remember when you told me that you loved her?

I told you that I was glad for you.

You messed up big time,

and still I was there for you.

Remember when you gave up on us?

I still had hope.

You let go completly

and I was still on your side.

Remember when we said good-bye

and you never told me why?

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