Internal War

October 25, 2012
By Divergent SILVER, Fairhope, Alabama
Divergent SILVER, Fairhope, Alabama
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"Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyways."-Jase Wade

My life has been an endless inglorious
Over good and the evil I
Will you accompany me to the end of
when my enemies block out the sun?

To the birds in the sky I am weak.
To the ones that don't know they can't see.
My eyes have seen a perfect and wonderful
piece of what could have been possible.
Charged of loosing purpose.
Oh what have we done?
Wake me up.
Well before the morning comes.
I may have to give my life today,
and I can see a perfect storm is already on it's way.
I pray for the souls of a world at war.
Oh my God.
Hold me close
in this fight.
I need you more.
This is war.

But I won't die without a fight.
I'll never run I'll never hide.
Sworn with every breath
that's left in me.
I will never except defeat.

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