I'm Sorry

August 3, 2008
By Jael Gardiner, Westland, MI

When the moonlight shines into my window
I swear those shadows are singing and dancing
Just for him. He laughs and laughs while deep
In slumber. I keep him safe from those shadows
Shoo them away before
Anything happens. Before he can end up
Just like I did.

Every night I lie awake and hope that just maybe
Those ugly shadows don't know who I am
Don't blame him for what I've done, for who he is.
It isn't his fault that I've gotten to know the shadows
Gotten to know what its like late at night in bed
When I'm not alone.
Don't blame him, this is my fault.

And when daddy doesn't show tomorrow,
That'll be my fault too.
It's all my fault.

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