Gone, But Never Forgotten

October 21, 2012
It’s hard to believe
That someone could pass away,
A friend, a coworker, someone you care about.
I could never imagine something like that happening
Until now…

I visited you in the hospital
I held your hand tight,
Prayed over you with your beloved family,
My hand on your precious, gentle head,
Prayed that you wouldn’t leave us
That you would open your brown eyes and
All would be alright
But it was no use,

All of us here
Now at your feet
Shocked, sad, depressed, devastated
Asking Why? Why you?
We will never know.
That you will be watching over us and living
Happily in the afterlife, the here after

Seeing you, in that heavy, wooden casket
Made my heart sink,
The picture from a few months earlier, food,
Flowers and candles, all make it harder to believe
The incense lingering on my coat will always remind me of you
Every time I hear the words ‘car’ and ‘accident’ in the same sentence
I’ll always think of you.
Every time I see that intersection, pass through that intersection
Where your life was taken, I’ll think of you
On my way to work, I’ll think of you
Knowing that you’re never going to be there again
I’ll think of you
I’ll miss you, bud. Gone but Never Forgotten

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