Saudi Arabian Women

August 2, 2008
By Cliona Roberts, Katonah, NY

Listen to me
To what I have to say
I’ve been waiting forever
For this time to come
And I now it’s going to
Slip from my grasp quickly

Father and son walk hand in hand
For their forth daily prayer
In the mosque forbidden to women
We stand at our windows
And watch our husbands and sons
Lead a part of life in which we are not included

In the market,
The glitter of gold is dimmed
By the black cloth
Hiding my face
From the outside world

We are just women,
We have no rights,
No dreams, no wishes
We are women,
Nothing in a man’s eyes

The author's comments:
A book I was reading about womens' rights in Saudi Arabia inspired me to write this poem. The book had such a major impact on me, I just needed to get my rage out, and what better way to do it than poetry?

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