August 2, 2008
By Desaree Slisz, Cheektowaga, NY


I’ll never look into your eyes again.
Never say ‘I love you’.
I don’t need you around
I’ll do fine on my own
Never tell you any of my secrets anymore
Never let my sweet side show again for you
You weren’t worth it, should of never thought you were
I wasn’t ever sane with you, took risks that I wouldn’t ever had
Never smile for you, ever
Never call your phone again
I’ll be okay, knowing that you’re not here for me anymore
I’ll find someone better than you
Never look your way
Never be the same person again
You were a part of me that’s now gone
Should have never trusted you in the first place
Knew that this was gonna’ happen
Never going to laugh at your jokes anymore
Never gonna’ answer when you talk to me
You always took the easy way out when things got tough
Never could face your problems, didn’t know how
Never say ‘I miss you’ again
Never say ‘I love you’.

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